Monday, December 21, 2009

I made my dearest sad and unhappy :(

Recently many things had happen on me, I was very sad and unhappy because of someone I hurt very deep =(
She is my dearest person, Chloe.
I was very wrong and we argued a long period for this, what can I do to replace my guilty and wrongness? The only thing I can do is get her back to my side, but this isn't easy, she very serious on this..
I could not forgive what I had done, so do her. I miss her everyday. Without her voice and text msg, I getting mad and unusual day by day.
I could not control myself from messaging her and what I did is, start my 1st step and talk to her through phone and sms.
Her mood is not that good but I knew she still caring and loving me, and yet I could not do anything because I was very wrong to her.
When the time without her, my life was passing like snail, or even turtle crawling.
But thanks God, I got her back (: She forgave me but she still very unhappy of the past.
Sincerely apologize to my dearest Chloe, hope we can stay together with peacefully and happily ever after.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The week before my bday, I gather back with my old old friend from my previous secondary school for my bday celebration..All this arranged by my dear secretly. At 1st, She ask me whether sunday nite free or not n I told her I will be free because monday was a college hol for Selangor state. After she confirm my time, she gathered all my friends for my celebration bday without informing me. During that day, she bought a cake for me,hide it and kept it in d restaurant that is our celebration place, Coffee House @ Pandan Indah. She act so weird b4 d party begin. She act strangely and I knew there is something behind her. When I 1st reach there, I step up d staircase for upper level and find a place to sit, during that time, I heard a very familiar voice came from a big group, my right side. I just ignored and find my place to sit with. B4 we sit, my gf eye told me that friend of mine were assembled there waiting for me, that is the group where I heard d familiar sound came from. When I 1st see them, I felt so so surprised and shocked. And d moment I thought back that all this is arrange by my dearest gf. I was so so happy kept in my heart instead of my smile cuz I scare my tears will dropped out that time. They all gave me a warm welcome and sweet smile telling me THEY ARE, STILL MISSING ME !! OH MAN I LOVE THEMMMMMMMM!!

I kept my smile-in so that I can control myself for being embarassed myself infront of them.):
After ate our dinner, I went to toilet and after I finished wash up, I take back my place. After awhile , from behind two of my friend sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG loudly and d rest follow to sang together. My feeling full of surprise! I was so excited when they singing d song to me because, this is my 1st time bday celebration at public with a loud bday song sang by them. MY 1ST TIME IN MY LIFE! I make a wish before blow off d candle,and my wish is about someone that I love the most, but not going to tell here because people said wish made cannot be tell out otherwise it wont come true. ^^

I started to cut d cake. Cake was delicious internally and externally,if u guys know wat d meaning is. We had a group and individual photo with everyone of my friend including my dear. After this, we went Connought @ Fireball for pool , during d journey we had a small car race. Introducing William@Vios, Kok Hong@Waja Cam Pro and my dear/I @ Sentra Sport. D horrible thing is I almost get crashed on william's car because of d road was built in bad position =( Fortunately nothing happen. After pool, with sad face telling them I had to leave them 1st, I and my gf planning for movie, unfortunate, traffic jam make us turn back to home.

On that day,for me, d main character not me, it is my girl friend and my buddy. They gave me alot of fresh and recall-back memories. I would like to give a sweetest and honour credit to my dear@Lim Siok Ching for helping me plan such a surprising activities for my bday. I love her <3

My dearest friends who presented for my birthday:-

Foo, Weng Loong, William, Jie Jong, Woon Hang, Wan Ting, Yung Yeh and Kok Hong..

Monday, August 31, 2009

My New Life..

My 2 weeks holiday just past..I spent my precious hol' at my dear home..=D
Having so much fun u want what make me so happy? Here I state all my happy moment to u all ;

1) I able to see my precious everyday, every moment I close and open my eyes.
2) I able to see and attach to her family. She belong to a happy family that make me felt jealous of her. Her family treating me so so good, especially her mummy and brother, they treat me as new son for her mummy and new younger brother for her brother.
3) Every time we went out for lunch or dinner, they two will , or SURE order alot alot of food and ask me to finish all since I am so thinly skinny lil boy.
4)One of her cousin,Fifi came here for his holiday. We, my dear elder and younger sis,fifi and I went out for shopping, eat, night movie n alot more. I and my dear spent so much during this hol, but this took back our happiness back.. I felt so satisfied and happy when going out with them..

Feeling so warm when close up with this family, they gave me warmth and happiness that I never been through since 19 years ago until now..I found my true family..I really found it.. What I should do now is being full fill to everything because I got wat i wished. Her mummy, most caring and pamper me in this holiday, brought me everywhere and eat every food that tasty and expensive. Brought me for medical cuz I having nose-bleeding( since young ) and d important one, irregular heartbeat. Doctor said my heart will probably stop beating anytime anywhere, and d moment is my last breath. After my gf heard this, she felt so sad and worried to me, and i said; "No worry dear, everything will be fine to me". After that day, she ask me not to drink cold drinks and sleep earlier. She drew a wallpaper writing "-sleep early! - drink more water! - x cold drinks! - x hot food! " . See how much she care n love me.. :) And now my health is getting better than last time, and my stomach getting "duo rou" since after d hol. Wanna know how much my dear sayang me? Here I write down all d moment she care me..;

1) help me massage my back when I tired and sleepy
2)help me wash and apply moisturising cream on my face
3)Feed me and serve food for me when I lazy to eat

These all is my sweetest moment I had with her..Felt so happy and 'xing fu' for having her as my gf and possible, my future wifey!!! (:

Today when I packing up my stuff and prepare to back my own home,her mummy came and gave me alot of fruits and snack, and some of medicine too for my stupid nose and heart.. (see how much she care me) T___T I really don't know how to repay all this back to her, d thing I can do is treat and respect them as good as I can.

Eventhough my dear like to nag me in the way I drive, act and talk, but I really dont mind she did this to me because I know she do all this for me good sake. I miss her badly .. well her face always that sweet n cute when she angry.. but sometime she quite fierce ): making me scare of her mouth, keep biting me when I disobey her.. ):

But behind of this there are many sad case happened.. and almost broke up because of this..luckily I still able to pull her back to my side. I dowana lost her anymore. She is very important to me =( Sorry dear and pls forgive my bad.. I LOVE U <3

Well I think I've to stop now. do update my blog again when I free maybe (:
thanks for visitin my blog everyone. Love ya all!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day..


I doesnt belong to any i said i dont have mum since I was born..It may a sad case for certain child,so do I..but it is very fine to me because I still have my dad..and yet yesterday(mother's day) I send her a greeting short text via sms..She dint even reply.However she had replied me on 11/5@11 sharp night.D msg wrote "ANDY TQ fr sms do keep in touch always-mum"..I almost cried out in d moment i finished my reading..1st time recieved a sms from my mum..And 1st time wrote so many words "my mum" in my whole entire life..this is ridiculous..Well honestly,I still missing her..i miss bout love?do I or should I love her?Forget this anyway..
On that day,I with my mate went to climb Bukit Tabur Hill@Taman Melawati, more or click this for more information regards to this hill.

We finished this journey for almost 4hours non stop.9 hiker including me went 2gther.We departed@4pm.started our journey at 4.15.15min gone to bought some drinks.Total got almost 12 checkpoint to reach.At 3-4th checkpoint I started to dizzy out and vomit.Its not a normal hill my friend..
Was stunted and rest awhile,thinking to pull out on that moment I insisted to continue my journey.My energy gained back and I solo climbing up myself without any1 help.After passing 10th checkpoint,we r lost.OMG.WE SO PANIC tht time.JALAN MATI ! We turned back and tried another way.Finally we made this out! Completed our journey with glory and joy cheering together once stepped on "kaki bukit" :D This task was successfully completed with every1 helps..TEAMWORK IS MOST IMPORTANT TO BE PRACTICE ON THIS.Body full of sweat and sand.THIS IS AN AMAZING ACTIVITY THAT I EVER COMPLETE AND COMPETE IN MY LIFE ! FUUUCKKK ! CHALLENGING XD

p/s : Picture will be upload soon....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Final Result out..


Once i woke up,I checked up my final exam result.It been released since yesterday.I got this news from my friends.Due to updating so i decided to view after tomorrow,that is today.
View i opened d result webpage,I closed my both eye for few sec,wondering hows my result is,Thanks God i get 2B 1C ..but as i predicted my another subject drown.Have to retake for next semester again.SIGH. Have to be strong n hardworking enough for next coming semester..Anyway,Thank you for God blessing throughout this task.


27/4 Monday

Went shopping and movie with my dearest..our 1st station is to McD Bukit Bintang.
We had our lunch but consider as my breakfast in McD.While i queue for order,my girl find her seat and have a chit chat with a unknown uncle@traveller.He was a great uncle with a good manner and healthy health.Why do I say so?He asked us to guess how old is he, He give us 3 chances.From my 1st sight,he is in old 50++,so i answered his 1st choices that is 50++,2nd is 60++ and 3rd is 70++.
Exact answer is 71.He look so young from 71. @.@ While we eating,he explained to us alot of travelling experience.He said had travelled whole Malaysia,including England,Australia,South Africa,Brunei and Singapore.This old man is so brilliant and rich of education.Before retirement,he was working as maintaing and servicing aeroplane.Graduated as Degree student,he advised me that "Nothing is better than gaining knowledge such as study" .He also told me that determination and perserverances r key to success.It been half an hour chatting with him,time to his last speech,he told my gf to taken good care of me :D ask her sayang me more..muahhahhaaa~~

Toward to Pavilion with body wet..After movie I only realised that I having fever.She give me a body massage sat on a bench..Nice :D but she felt unhappy n worry me..=(
Went back earlier@6.15pm..walked to Time Square to send my girl back home..
I miss her..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jogoya japanese buffet awesome!


Got a Jogoya voucher,since Im having hol',with no time-limitation I brought my girl "gain fat" to Jogoya@StarHill Gallery :D
That day I was late to reach,feel so rushy and hungry..while waiting for my girl,take a few snap photo of d environment.A very high-classed what we called a gallery,but not shopping centre or megamall.
Ate alot of japanese food.Felt tasty,however japanese food are slightly difference from a chinese food.

Coconut burned with bunsen burner :D

After gain fat :D